Short Film Making Contest and Film Making Competition

Many of today's successful screenwriters sold their first screenplays to a Hollywood agent or a film production company by entering a screenwriting contest. Having worked in many fields of writing over the past two decades, we have personal knowledge of many of these screenwriting contests that we are about to reveal to you.

Writers and believes we are living in the golden age of filmmaking. We know the only thing preventing highly skilled independent writers and filmmakers from producing their work - is money. Online Contests for Money for highly skilled independent writers and filmmakers is established to find and develop writers of TV and Film and connect them with leading film production companies, talent agencies, and film executives.

Writers and has an award program "to promote and encourage  screenwriters, playwrights and Independent Filmmakers. The talent is strong, the drive is visible, the passion is overflowing! Everyone wants to make a film that will blow the audience away - and we want to help. We want to empower those filmmakers and writers who are unable to raise funds simply because they are not connected.

For your convenience please find below a number of Film Festival and Screenwriting Competitions for you to consider. does not endorse any specific script writing competition or film festival and has listed them for information purposes only. Please do your researches to determine which competition best suit your screenplay.